About the magnesium connection with Fibro and CFS

www.utahvalleywellness.comThe clinic I work with — Janet Starr Hull’s aspartame info + hair analysis — foremost expert on estrogen dominance and the benefits of natural progesterone

Dr. Hotze about bio-identical hormones – good hormone information — purchase various supplements, and guaifenesin, sam-e, and vitalaxin for symptomatic relief; library of articles on fibromyalgia and CMP — an even more radical diet to thwart acidity and make the body more alkaline. — a definitive site on celiac sprue syndrome — good information on the parathyroid glands. Only if you have fibro symptoms and constant kidney stones.

Look at this! Israeli doctors cure fibro using a bariatric chamber = pure oxygen!

Calcium AEP can help the electrical mess you are in

3 Nutrients for Mitochondrial Health and Chronic Fatigue

Could it be Lyme Disease?

5 Things Everyone Must Do as the Basis of Good Health

Giving up Sugar can Help Fibro and any Auto-Immune Disease, even Cancer

The importance of Magnesium for Fibro/CMP

Are You Taking Opioid Painkillers? Stop now

New Studies Show Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not “All in your Head”

See How Muscles are Actually Constructed and Where Your Problems Might Lie



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