My father was a rocket scientist.  The only reason I mention that is as an introduction to my attitude regarding my sudden and very serious health challenges of fibromyalgia and CMP.  Science was the religion in the family of my youth.  There were few “natural cures” in our household, and we relied on scientific rather than natural medicine when someone in the family got sick.

I continued this pattern into adulthood until I reached an impass.  I had developed a debilitating condition, and the opinion of medical science was that it had no known cause and no known cure.

All medical science could offer me was symptomatic relief.  By then, I knew about the side effects of painkillers and anti-depressants.  I also knew several people who had suffered from fibromyalgia for years and years.  They suffered not only from the symptoms of fibro, but from their drug use, as well.  I searched for another path, and was eventually forced to take a look at nutrition and naturopathy, because the medical world was failing me.

TEMPORARY RELIEF I followed the guaifenesin protocol for a while. This treatment was devised by Dr. St. Amand of UCLA. His theory is that electrolytes (calcium, phosphorus, oxalates) gather inside muscle cells as debris, probably because a genetic abnormality keeps the body from sloughing off trash electrolytes. They prevent the cells from oxygenating properly, so that weight-bearing exercise stops being constructive.

Electrolytes improperly balanced in nerve cells cause them to fire, and conduct electrical nerve impulses, creating “phantom pain.”1 Guaifenesin was supposed to rid the cells and tissues of these electrolytes. Guaifenesin is the active ingredient in Tussin cough syrup, and is so harmless that it has virtually no side effects. However, salicylates block its action, so aspirin and herbal remedies have to be abandoned. One must be especially careful not to use anything herbal on one’s skin, since all plants contain salicylates.

Therefore, the treatment required abandoning natural products and seeking out personal care products that are totally chemical. I followed the protocol exactly, and I was surprised to discover that even my most pampering bath products were acceptable, because they were totally chemical. The protocol did seem to help my symptoms a bit. But it gave me no hope for the future – I was looking ahead to a lifetime of having fibromyalgia and CMP, and managing the symptoms as best I could.

The protocol did seem to help my symptoms a bit. But it gave me no hope for the future – I was looking ahead to a lifetime of having fibromyalgia and CMP, and managing the symptoms as best I could. Meanwhile, many others around me were suffering in the same way. This appeared to be an epidemic. What was causing all this suffering? Why did female sufferers outnumber men nine to one? Why did there seem to be no cure? Why was the medical profession so baffled?

QUESTIONS ANSWERED Years of research have often been frustrating – in college I considered majoring in biology, but opted for English instead. My expertise at writing poetry has been no help in understanding the complex biochemical formulas I’ve encountered. Information has sometimes been redundant or contradictory.

As I’ve sifted through the research of others, I’ve experimented on myself. It’s been a long journey, but as I discovered true principles, my health has improved day-by-day. Now, after dedicated research and self-help, I’m well.  I had fibromyalgia and CMP for two years, and then it took about 10 months for the symptoms to gradually but completely disappear.  During that 10 months, I felt better every day.  This is far superior to suffering for decades with fibro and relying on meds!

If you are working with healthcare professionals, please share this information with them. Medical professionals must keep up with research on every ailment imaginable. They have little time to do the concentrated research like I’ve done on one, single malady. They are eager to heal their patients and are often grateful to receive this information.

1 Once, a thunderstorm settled right above our neighborhood with lightning flashing constantly. My body filled with electricity. Shocks fired off everywhere for the next 48 hours.

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